SubSocket Bubble Integration

Step by step instructions to use SubSocket inside your Bubble app using our Bubble plugin. Anything unclear? Contact us:

➡️ You can visit the Bubble plugin page here.

➡️ Want to see a live demo? You can visit the demo page here.

SubSocket is build to make implementing PayPal payments as easy as possible. At this time we offer recurring and one-time payments. Below you can read how these payments work to get a good overview.

Did you know that we offer a Zapier integration to connect 2000+ apps to your PayPal integration?

Recurring payments using SubSocket Checkout

Using out dashboard you can easily create products and plans. A product is an object that will contain one or multiple plans. To easily let your users subscribe to these plans, you can use SubSocket to convert these plans to Checkouts. Checkouts are represented by a URL you can use to let your users subscribe to a plan. No complicated API structures and code needed! Subscriptions created via Checkout will show up under the 'Subscriptions' tab in the dashboard.

Recurring PayPal Payments

One-time payments using SubSocket Single Payment

Using the dashboard you can create a Single Payment which you can use to receive one-time payments from your users (like for a lifetime deal for a SaaS). Transaction created using Single Payment will show up under the 'Transaction tab' inside the dashboard.

One-time PayPal Payments

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